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Adding links to video on YouTube has broken my ePortfolio

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11 October 2010, 10:14

Hi, I tried to add a link to a video on Youtube in and now if I go into edit view it hangs on the timer view and if I go into normal view, I can see the video title but now video image to start the clip, therefore I can't delete the item and can't do anything at all now in this account.

I tried the same in an account on our Moodle VLE, I managed to add one video link but when I went to add a second, the same thing happened so I now can't use either account.

Can anyone help please?

Much appreciated, Sarah.

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11 October 2010, 14:43

Hi Sarah,

Did you try to delete the view in which you added your YouTube video links? If that is not possible, you might want to ask your tech support to check out if they can help you so that you can at least use your account again. It seems a bit weird that you can't use your account at all because usually, if anything goes wrong in a view it is just the view that is affected. You don't have to open it in order to delete it. Just delete if from the "My Views" overview page.

Good luck


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