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01 October 2010, 5:23

I’m really interested in finding other institutions that have found ways of using Mahara with courses that have a checklist of competencies that need to be evidenced. 

A simple checklist, form, text-fill is something that many of our tutors are asking for and I haven’t yet come up with a straightforward, user-friendly way of approaching this!

I've tried creating a table in a view that can be copied by students but am finding it really difficult to edit once created. Adding a Google form is not appropriate because we can't require all our students using Mahara to also have to go and create a Google account.

We need something so simple that all our students (including the least technically competent) can easily create/copy a Mahara view and tick off competencies or add a small amount of text to evidence them.

Does anyone have any ideas how this can be done?  Is there a plug-in I'm not aware of?

Any advice would be gratefully received!


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01 October 2010, 7:14

We are going ahead with using prepared and copyable views that contain tex box artifacts. We may include a pdf document with embedded flelds in each view. That would be an exact duplicate of the text box artifact. This is so that we could offer an alternative or have a just-in-case solution to fall back on.

At this point, we are not comfortable to use an external service such as goodle docs for this particular task as the kids may be providing fairly confidential information. We are doing this even though every student has an educational google account.

Some staff like the pdf idea as it forces the template and can not be altered. Other staff like the idea to start the kids off with a template using the text box artifact as it allows kids to modify these to their needs.

The draw back with the editable pdf is that it adds to the workflow and may set up kids to forget to upload the file after they made the changes on their local computer.

To put meaning to these forms, students will be asked to create additional views which they will then include in a collection, along with the three original views they copied.

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03 October 2010, 14:35

Hi Vic,

Mahara 1.3 has the My Plans functionality that can be used for a simple checklist. Each competency could be a task and students can write text into the description field. As it also provides for a completion date field, it would be easy to see which competencies they have already achieved.

However, plans are not (yet) available to be copied or used as templates. That would be development work for the future to make plans copyable from one user to another.



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03 October 2010, 18:31

Hi Vic,

I'm interested in developing a plugin for Mahara for graduate attributes/competencies. I am doing a research in the area of using ePortfolios for lifelong learning. And being able to create and showcase such a list/table is a feature that our lecturers and students would like to see in ePorfolio system. I have just started working with Mahara code, but if everything goes alright, I will be able to share with the community what I have done. If you have any interesting ideas or preferences of this functionality, I would really love to hear them. Thanks!

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23 January 2012, 8:33

Hi Vic, Julia,

I can't find a solution to implement checklist of competencies that need to be evidenced. I also need such functionnality for my mahara eportfolio project.

Have you found a workaround or developed a specific plugin for graduate competencies ?

I will also have a look how to customize the MyPlans plugin, so that student can select from a combo which competency they want to evidence.

Thanks !


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05 June 2013, 22:26

Hi everyone

I also need to find a solution to recording observational assessment.  I had been looking at Plans which might work.  In one case, we expect tutors to be using Mahara on Galaxy Tabs whilst in the Labs so they would be juggling a lot of plans (a lot of students * a lot of checklists). 

Since the checklists exist already in Word format, it may be better to use the GoogleDocs functionality within Mahara.


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09 June 2013, 16:02

Hello Marion,

If you are using Moodle as LMS you might be able to use the Checklist plugin, see for a discussion.

dajan showed a prototype last year at Mahara UK. It's from slide 113 onwards in As it's an activity, you should be able to export it to Mahara once completed.

Maybe that helps already in the interim if you have a Moodle instance.




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