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30 September 2010, 12:29

Hi Ian,

Embbeding google in Mahara sound to have great potential...I also found the intructions on your site usefull, I will be definetely useful!

Though I was more looking in to integrating wiki in mahara ;)


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30 September 2010, 15:00

Hello Vasileios,

I know you are looking for a wiki possibility: We'll be updating the community once the development work is done as we do it to move the current Mahara wiki to Mediawiki.

On the GoogleApps plugin: Gregor recently updated it so that it also works with GoogleMaps. You can find the link on the plugin page at



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27 October 2010, 15:00

How are you integrating Mindtouch Wiki with Mahara here?  We use Mindtouch for all of our school websites.  It would be nice to possibly integrate Mindtouch with Mahara?

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11 December 2010, 12:12

nice cach

this is my question too, how mindtouch is integrated (user authentication) with mahara here at this site!!

I opened a new topic waiting for an answer!

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