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Where to list Volunteer Positions

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28 September 2010, 17:57

Hi. I am unfamiliar with Mahara, and am looking for where I should record activities or volunteer positions that I do. For example, I serve as a club officer, I dissect cadavers for anatomy students, and volunteer at the Boys and Girls club. Where should I record this information so I can keep track of it all?

Thank you for assistance!


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28 September 2010, 21:02

Hi Edward,

Have you checked the Resumé part of the Profile? Your Club officership is not a professional membership, but you could put it in there. When you then want to make that information visible, you would go to MyPortfolio -> My Views -> either create a new view or go to an existing one.

Once there you can choose "One Resumé Field" from the "Resumé" tab and drag that block into the view content area. Then choose the "Professional Memberships" radio button and give your block the title "Volunteer Positions" (for example).



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