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Tips on using the bug and feature tracker

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14 September 2010, 3:09


You may be aware that we are using Launchpad to track bugs but also feature requests. You can file a bug / feature request at (you must create an account).

workflow for bug / feature reporting

The more information is given for a bug / feature, the easier it is to reproduce and fix (bug) or decide on inclusion (feature).

For feature requests: If you answer the question "Why do you (and potentially many other Mahara users need that feature?", that is a good start for further discussions and for getting other people's attention.

Also, if a report affects more people, a report can go up on the list of bugs / features. Thus, you do not always have to write your own comments on an existing bug / feature request, but you could just click on the link "This bug affects [1] person. Does this bug affect you?"

You can also use Launchpad directly from your email account. Information on the setup is provided by Launchpad at


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