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Release: Mahara 1.3.0

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10 September 2010, 2:27

Hello Mahara community,

After an intense 2 weeks of testing the release candidate of 1.3, bug reporting and bug fixing basically around the clock with users and developers from around the world, we are ready to release Mahara version 1.3 to the world.

There may still be bugs lurking in a few corners that we have not found yet. If you come across them because of a certain browser that you use. a certain routine you have in using Mahara or anything else, please report them at Mahara will continue to be improved.

We would like to thank everybody who has contributed to make this release happen: developers, translators, and everybody who reported bugs and suggested improvements. None of this would have been possible without the Mahara community.

We also want to thank the organisations who funded a bunch of the improvements that are now in 1.3. These are: Auckland University of Technology, Birmingham City University, Catalyst IT, Flexible Learning Network, Lancaster University, LIIP, New Zealand Ministry of Education, and University of Luxembourg.

Now the details that you are probably antsy about knowing:

Where is the download? (includes full release notes)

How do I upgrade?

You can find information about upgrading at

What should I know when I upgrade?

If you upgrade a live environment with real learner data, please make a backup before you start any upgrade procedure.

We are not responsible for any lost data or problems you may run into during the upgrade procedure.

If possible, do an upgrade with real data on a test server first, document your steps and do some testing. If everything works fine, backup your live environment and then attempt the update. If you run into problems at any stage, you can ask for help in the community forums or have the upgrade done by one of the Mahara Partners.

What are the new / improved features of 1.3?

You can view a list of the most important things in the announcement of the release candidate. In between then and now we fixed bugs, but did not include new features.


(Release Team)

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14 September 2010, 23:05

BTW, the demo site of Mahara is now also up to date and sports 1.3. We encourage everybody to use that site now for 1.3 testing instead of is a playground new features and working on the next release. Thus, it is not 1.3.0 anymore, but already a bit beyond.


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