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Use Mahara with Joomla! CMS?

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04 February 2011, 23:05

I  am working on mahara development last one year.

I am already done this thing but my suggestion is there is no need to make SSO between joomla & mahara.

but do the one things you can install the iframe plugin in Joomla. add all the pages in the joomla iframe just linke wrapper.

for that you get the joomla features as well.


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05 February 2011, 4:51

I am already using Moodle within Joomla as a wrapper & SSO using Joomdle as I need to be able to use the shop facilities using either VM or Tienda (check it out, it's pretty awesome).

Therefore I'm not sure how useful your suggestion would be, as I need to be able to use the Joomla session/user tables to log into BOTH Moodle AND Mahara.  Joomdle takes care of the SSO for Joomla/Moodle, so I need to go from there basically, and link up the Joomla/Moodle system to include a Mahara portfolio.

I don't think I can just 'add all the pages in the joomla iframe' as you suggest, as they need to be linked to the user's Moodle account and therefore their Joomla! account.

Perhaps something we'll work on :)


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07 February 2011, 0:47

Hello Ruth,

Did you already have a look at the Moodle / Mahara integration "Mahoodle" on the wiki? If you already have accounts in Moodle, you can use MNet to connect Moodle to Mahara. We have not yet updated the guide for Moodle 2 and Mahara 1.3, but if you are using Moodle 1.9, the instructions in the PDF should work.



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