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27 August 2010, 3:25

Hi everyone. I'm trying to get together a list of institutions in the UK using Mahara. Any information would be useful, and I can follow up, but ideally it would be good to classify it

(a) in terms of level of institution: school / FEI / HEI / professional body

(b) in terms of stage of development: preliminary investigations / testing or trialling / active supported use with students.

If you like you can reply to me and I'll summarise at some point.


Many thanks


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27 August 2010, 3:26

I should explain why as well -- I'd like to get as many as possible of them together so that we can share development plans and development costs.

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27 August 2010, 4:13

I have been reminded that Rob Farmer started this task a while back on PDP-AND-EPORTFOLIO-UK JISCMail list, but I'm looking for any new additions, new detail, and contact details of someone in each institution willing to keep in touch.

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20 October 2010, 14:16

How's progress with this Simon?





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23 December 2010, 12:58

Simon and other members, I am keen to move this idea forward and look how shared development plans and investment might be possible. My team have been investing in Mahara 1.4 (especially the usability work) but looking forward we have some other areas of interest (like LMS integration as per but are always open to more efficient ways of getting functionality to schools.

What thoughts do others have on this topic?


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16 December 2010, 5:58


Southampton Solent Unversity is using Mahara - started our roll-out this September after a year long pilot programme.

I'm happy to answer any questions Laughing


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16 December 2010, 10:48

Thanks, Samantha

I've put your name on the doc, still at

If you or anyone is interested in helping to keep this up to date, just send me directly your e-mail address and I will enable that.




17 December 2010, 15:06


Happy to add our tow institutions to your file.

My email : [email protected]


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31 December 2010, 6:15

Hi Simon, I emailed you with details for CLEO a couple of months ago but they've not made it to the spreadsheet. I can give you the latest details if you drop me a message. My email address is Andrew dot Nicols at Luns dot net dot uk. Andrew
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10 January 2011, 5:59

Hi Andrew I've added you to the list of editors, so please go ahead and add details.


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