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using mahara blog posts

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05 August 2010, 21:24

Wondering about a View for Mahara with latest blog post by all users?

Also could be a block in Moodle with latest blog posts by all Mahara users?

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08 August 2010, 22:27

Hello Chris,

Thank you for your suggestion. Before I / you post it to the wishlist, it needs a bit more information around it.

Blog posts in Mahara are only visible to others when they are placed in a view either individually or as an entire blog. Coming in Mahara 1.3, learners can have an RSS feed on their blogs when their blogs are in views that are public.

If the latter is the case, then you can create one feed from all of them, e.g. with Yahoo Pipes.

In version 1.3, you can display "Recent Activity". However, I don't think it also displays blog posts when they are added to a view automatically (when the entire blog is made available). Please correct me, if I am wrong, Richard.

A question would be: View blog posts by all users. What do you mean by "all users"? All users to whose portfolio you have access? All users on your Mahara site? All users that are in a particular group?

It wuld be good to gather all that information and then put it on the wishlist because then anybody who wants to develop this feature knows more about the requirements.



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17 September 2010, 3:36


On a related integration issue for blogs ...

We have SSO from Moodle 1.99 into Mahara 1.2 (with basic profile info pulled into Mahara via LDAP). I'm looking for a simple way to connect Mahara Blog posts into the user's Moodle profile. While a URL link from a Mahara view could be added I'm really looking to either completely replace the Moodle blog or to have an option in the Moodle blog menu alongside 'add a new entry' such as 'import external blog'. Have I missed something obvious in settings - or is it not possible without a custom hack?

And if it is a hack - any suggestions on best way to achieve this?

My first though is to re-point the blog link in Moodle


But while that would steer users to write blogs in mahara (step 1) it won't solve the issue of how someone else views it (step 2) - because the link takes them to their blog rather than mine.


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17 September 2010, 4:54

That's a neat idea, however in mahara 1.3 the user can opt to have multiple blogs - which blog would it point to? or would a list need to be shown?

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