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Monthly IRC Developer Meeting

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26 October 2010, 11:21

Hi all,

Going to go ahead an action a first meeting so that we have a place to start off with and see how that goes.

Date: Wednesday 10th of November 2010

Duration: 1 hour


  • UK                        7:30am
  • NZ:                       8:30pm
  • Mainland EU:     8:30am

Location: #mahara-dev on

Agenda: Details to be added here:

Next meeting details to be arranged at the conclusion of this first one and so on for all future meetings.

There will be an IRC bot to take care of logging the meeting and this will be made public afterwards.  We'll also try and take attendance etc.

More updates here if it turns out there are other things to sort out still or anything forgotten/confusing. :)


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31 October 2010, 1:47


Thank you for taking the initiative again, Stacey, and suggesting a time for the meeting. Just to amend the times a bit, the East coast in the US / Canada would be 2 a.m., the rest would be a bit better off.

Thinking more about this meeting, looking at the agenda and having just spent an entire week (well, except for one day) with people from the Koha community at KohaCon10, I would like to suggest to open the meeting up to anybody who wants to attend. Koha does not restrict their monthly meetigns to just developers. Anybody who is interested (in the topics) can join in.

I think this point is very important in particular when looking at the first item in the agenda: what should go into 1.4. Some items may be important for developers, others for users of the software and what would the software be without its users? Thus, I think we should open the discussion and invite anybody to participate.

Of course, we non-techies must be aware that some things discussed may not be easy for us to understand because of all the tech jargon, but that would be fine because developers may be in a similar situation when pedagogical things are discussed that would influence how a certain feature is being developed.

To make a long story short: I would prefer to announce this first meeting as general meeting in the news forum, invite anybody who is interested to join in and seeing the agenda, everybody will know that they may not be able to discuss some items on the agenda due to their nature.



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05 November 2010, 7:04

Hi Kristina,

I think that it would be worthwhile having non-developers taking part since I imagine that most of us aren't so knowledgeable on what mahara needs from a teaching aspect, and some discussion items will probably  be non-developer specific at any rate.

It would be good to post in the news forum too.



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