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14 July 2010, 0:05


The "About the Team" page on has been out of date for some time. Francois, Richard and I took a bit of time to review it. We decided to link it to the contributors page on the Mahara wiki because that page had already more complete information on everybody involved in the project. Linking the "About the Team" page to the wiki also facilitates the updating of the information as we only have to do it in one place. Smile

We rearranged and updated the contributors page a bit. Everybody now sports a link to their profile page. If you do not have a public profile, people who are not logged in to cannot view it. You can make your profile public by navigating to your profile page and clicking on the small link "Allow public (non-logged in) access" below your name to the right. If you have the link "Logged in users only", you are good because your profile is already public. Of course, you can change your link on the wiki also to another page.

The information on the history of Mahara moved to its own dedicated page, "History".


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