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08 July 2010, 5:15

Hi everyone!

I have a moodle and mahara installation, Does anyone know how to make unaccesible mahara without login into moodle first? I mean, if I try to connect to it has to redirect me to moodle's login first and then to mahara.

Any help?

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12 July 2010, 10:30

Hi Crhis,

this is what we've done (I hope you can see the screenshots, they groups files, so if you are logged in, you should see them).

1.- In the institution configuration page, we've remove the registration option (so people can't create local accounts) and we've configured the XMLRPC (MNET) authentication without a parent authentication. This way, if you don't roam from Moodle, there's no alternative login screen.

Snapshot of Institution configuration page


2.- Also, if you clic on the XMLRPC settings link shown above, you disable the Parent authority (setting it to none) and write a message for the users that try to log in directly into Mahara by typing their username and password. See our current text in the image below (in the 3 official languages of the university).


Snapshot of XMLRPC configuration settings



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12 July 2010, 15:28

Hi Chris,

Bear in mind that when you follow Iñaki's procedure (and do not have the internal authentication anymore) that you have to give your Moodle login admin rights before you take out the authentication method "internal". Otherwise you would not be able to log in again as admin.



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12 July 2010, 16:10

Oops, sorry about that.

In fact, we don't use the default institution (called 'No institution') to roam from Moodle. We created a new institution especifically for this.

So we left the Mahara admin in the default institution (with account registration disabled too), using the internal authentication method. And put all the roaming users in the second institution with the config I've shown before.

That way the admin can login normally and the rest of the users have to roam from Moodle.


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