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Can't access after upload!

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29 May 2010, 8:36 AM

Cry I can't access Mahara after I uploaded it to my server. All other files including Moodle work fine after install, is my url, all files are /.... after install except Mahara.

Can anyone tell me what I must do to see Mahara  as there must be some trick to it, oh, and please in plain English, as I no spring chicken and don't uderstand some tech talk you tech heads come out with ... Wink

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17 September 2010, 12:02 AM

Hi Stuart,

In order to be able to see if anyone here can help you, it would be good to know the following:

  • server you are using (Linux, Windows etc.)
  • database (MySQL, Postgres and which version)
  • version of PHP that you are running
  • are you on shared hosting (there is at least another forum that deals with that as people have experienced issues there)

Did you try to install 1.3? If so, do you still have the same problems?



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17 September 2010, 3:20 AM

Hi Smoky,

It looks like you may have a few issues with your install. Hopefully the following should help get you going.

Mahara ships in a slightly different way to Moodle. When you download a copy of mahara, you'll see that there's a folder called htdocs inside the mahara folder. This is a fairly standard convention and allows us to place various pieces of code outside of the web accessible parts of the website. Typically, rather than serving the /mahara folder, you'd configure your web server to serve content from /mahara/htdocs.

It looks like you've copied the entire htdocs folder into your /mahara folder giving you /mahara/htdocs.

It's completely safe to get rid of the other folders, and move the contents of htdocs to mahara. The easiest thing to do would be to remove the other files and folders (I think COPYING, README and test - possibly Makefile), and move the contents of /mahara/htdocs into /mahara.

The other issue I can see is that, when viewing the /mahara/htdocs folder you get a '500 Internal Server Error'. Within your /mahara/htdocs folder you've got a .htaccess file. This contains a variety of commands which tell your web server to enable or disable certain features (typically to improve security of the application). It looks like some/all of these commands are not allowed by your web server configuration. If you have access to your web server's error log, this should point you in the direction as to which line you may need to adjust/remove/poke your host provider about.

Good luck,


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