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complete web site in views

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13 May 2010, 8:09 AM

I wonder I can display a complete web site in my view.

For example, I want to assign a homework where each student makes a content using authoring tool such as Adobe presenter. They need to upload the output zip file and unzip it at a folder in mahara file menu. Then they make a view with a default html file. I wonder it is possible.

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01 June 2010, 12:11 AM

I'm afraid that's not possible with Mahara.  Others have asked for the same thing in these threads:

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04 June 2010, 7:28 AM

Hmmm, I was hoping to do the same thing. Our primary portfolio efforts so far has been to have the kids make e-notebooks which are webpages for each of their areas of study. I was hoping to let them link in to these with Mahara being the central hub connecting them together and getting them online. I tried one by bringing in the html folder and found I couldn't get them to run. I can get them to run inside of Moodle by linking to the index page in the file, but in Moodle I haven't found a way to give the students the ability to do that without the instructor needing to get involved to unzip/link them or get them out from the password protection of the course so that they can be shared in a public portfolio. If you find a solution, please let me know. I will try to let you know if we figure anything out.


Tammy Moore

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04 June 2010, 7:54 AM

I tried linking from Mahara to the Moodle file where one of the student's had their e-notebook stored (index page).That will work so long as the instructor gets involved to set it up and the course is set to guest access and the viewer is logged in at our Moodle. too comlex.

I also have the zip file of a test e-notebook inside of the Mahara view using the file access block with a few jpegs showing key pages. The zip could be downloaded, unzipped, and then viewed on the portfolio guest's own computer. It isn't ideal, but it might serve as a temporary way to use Mahara for e-notebooks in a portfolio view.

Ultimately, it looks like I may need to look in to how to set up a location on the server for the kids to work on these like real webpages - basically hosting them and then linking to them from Mahara. The reason I was hoping for a Mahara way to do it though was to give the student control over access to their e-notebooks. These are K-12 students and I didn't want their e-notebooks out on the web unless they and their parents could control who sees them. With Moodle we can lock them behind the course password, but then they cannot share them. Hosting them would go the opposite direction and not give them a way to share in a controlled fashion.

Here is where I am testing our ideas: . There is a sample e-notebook there if you need to get a better feel for what that is before offering suggestions.

Does anyone have suggestions on a way to work this out?


Tammy Moore

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