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About "Problems and Conditions" in Case Notes

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31 March 2010, 1:15

Hello, everyone

I build my portfolio system powered by Mahara 1.2.3 and installed "My Case Notes" plugin.

However, I knew the contents in sample_conditions.xml is very "sample" but is there any easy way to increase the items in "Problems and Conditions" like web-based editor?

Or, is there any way to get more advanced conditions.xml?

Thank you for any help! 

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22 October 2010, 3:28

Hi, everyone...I updated this problem and still want help...

I tested newest "Problems and Conditions" plugin(from git) with  fresh Mahara 1.2.2 on another machine(WAMPserver on Windows7) and it works perfectly.

However, the same problem was noted on fresh Mahara 1.3.2 system with the same machine. I checked the HTML source and found some HTML/JS characters were converted to other words like "&lt". I think it was HTMLPurifier function induced.

Is there any idea or way to solve this problem?

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25 October 2010, 6:02

Hello Chieh-Nan,

I can't help you with any code stuff, but just wanted to let you know that Cambridge made the plugin available "as is" and thus does not update it. Therefore, it can well be, that it does not work with the Mahara version that you have installed. But maybe somebody can help you nonetheless.



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25 October 2010, 8:53

Hi Chieh-Nan

To answer your first question there is no web based editor to create the conditions xml at the moment.   You'll have to do it by hand at this stage - although a better sample conditions xml would be preferable obviously.

Also, yes the plugin has not been upgraded to work with Mahara 1.3 yet and there are some issues with escaping as you have discovered.  As Kristina states there is currently no work going into the plugin although that might change if Cambridge decide to fund an upgrade to 1.3 or demand from other quarters increases.



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25 October 2010, 10:18

I see...anyway, thank you for answering!

I edited the conditions.xml by hand for 2 months and finally it was complete.

Hopefully, the plugin will be compatible with Mahara1.3 as soon as possible.

Thank you for replying again!

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25 October 2010, 16:56

Hi Chieh-Nan,

Mahara 1.3 escapes all template variables by default.  You should be able to fix this issue quite quickly by editing all the templates (.tpl files) in the plugin, they should be under artefact/casenotes/theme/raw/ or something like that.  Just put "{auto_escape off}" at the top of every template and "{/auto_escape}" at the bottom.

If we upgrade the plugin for 1.3, we'll do it in a more correct way, but hopefully that will fix your immediate problem.


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26 October 2010, 14:54

thanks for that tip as it did fix the display issues with escaped characters but then I run into errors doing Case Adds etc. So, I'm guessing we'll have to hope it gets updated for 1.3 fully


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