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Zotero Integration With ePortfolio system

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19 March 2010, 4:15

I was doing a bit of "What If" the other day and came across this:

Zotero Integration With ePortfolio System.

So, I was just wondering if anyone here had any interest/comment on the matter. 


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19 March 2010, 13:23

Hi Gary,

That post on Zotero was actually prompted by our feature proposal for bibliography integration in Mahara. I posted it to the Zotero community to get to know their opinion. However, not much has happened, but apparently, it's now higher up on the agenda.

Part of the feature request for the bibliography part is outdated now. Students can actually convert their existing bibliography to an HTML document and post that into a view immediately (via files etc. -> HTML box).

Therefore, because publishing a simple static bibliography is pretty easy, the Zotero integration became more interesting. Ideally, students update their bibliography throughout the semester and the data should of course be pushed out automatically to Mahara.

The Zotero RSS feed is not yet really usable, e.g. sub items (screenshots etc.) have a separate entry. But I'll keep monitoring that. Wink



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