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03 March 2010, 5:45 AM

Hi All

 I checked the Publications wizard and it isn't really working for Publications at all. Are there some other Modules available.


The Publications should be listed in a BibTex style

 This gives the most flexibility to enter data in a standardized way.

Beside the standard fields of course an Abstract field (with RTE) and a URL field should be available to link to a publication directly. Right now this isn't working at all and Data for aa Publication looks like a Mass. Look here:

Thanks a lot



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19 March 2010, 1:18 PM

What publication wizard are you talking about, Andi?


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19 March 2010, 9:22 PM

Hi Kristina

 The integrated Publication "Field" in Mahara is not at all sufficient for a Publication. You can't search for anything nor displays it data in a correct way like publications should and this looks very unprofessional especially in a CV manager ;-)

 Our idea was to have something like existing in TYPO3: si_bibtex

Zotero and those stuff is nice but always needs to have giving away again personal data to another place in the net. Mahara should actually focus on keeping all data at one place instead of distributing it. So it is nice i.e. that also si_bitex can connect to Zotero and this kind of stuff but the main focus is in displaying publication data - even when manually entered in a correct way like it should for a professional looking publication list. It would be nice if bibtex could be integrated as it offers a good standard in doing this:

Thanks Andi 

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20 March 2010, 2:47 PM

Hi Andi,

Thanks for pointing me to the resume generator. Now I now which wizard you referred to. 

"Mahara should actually focus on keeping all data at one place instead of distributing it." I would go the dual way actually because I am a believer in distributed environments and not having to enter data twice or three times and having to update them at all places. Wink

Even though you use Zotero, you don't have to give personal information away. You don't have to set up synchronization etc. (if it were available), but could always just export your bibliography and import it. Sure, you'd lose the ease of use of being up to date at all times, but if you can live with that...

You can already now have a nicely formatted bibliography in a resume view in Mahara. Just upload your formatted library (generated in your bibliography tool on the computer) and upload it as HTML file in your view. Your bibliography will then have the style that you want.

Not being able to search for anything you put into the publication fields may just be a general search problem and not specific to this artefact type. I had experienced problems with the search on our server and thus have disabled it. Currently, until the search is more usable, we work with tags (which don't exist in the resume; requires Mahara 1.2) so that students can search for broad topics in their portfolios.


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