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23 March 2019, 18:47


I have used Moodle for a long time but just very recently I have installed Mahara. Everything is OK but there's a little issue I haven't come round to solve yet. My Moodle users can roam to Mahara, not a problem, but the same users cannot use internal authentication.


I teach Spanish at a school in Amman (Jordan) and I think Mahara is going to very useful as we have a partnership with a school in Spain and we want our students to establish and keep enduring connections; not all students can travel to Spain, and those who can surely will enjoy being connected through Mahara.

I would really appreciate help and suggestions.






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26 March 2019, 7:53

Hi Ignacio,

Great to see another Moodle - Mahara connection. How did you set up the connection? Did you use MNet or LTI?

If you used MNet, you would need to set the internal authentication as parent authentication to MNet / XML-RPC. When the students then log into Mahara for the first time, they are asked to set a password in Mahara. They can then use that to log into Mahara directly.

If you used LTI, the more modern method for connecting Moodle to Mahara, you can also set the internal authentication as parent authentication to LTI, but that needs to be done in the setup of LTI and not in the web services auth in the institution settings.



27 March 2019, 5:23

Hi Kristina,

Thank very much  for your answer. I did use MNet. I set the internal authentication as parent and it did work just fine. It prompts to set a password, but the password can be the same. 



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