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23 November 2009, 13:51

Hi Everyone,

 I am new to Mahara and trying to sell my school district on it. I have tried to upload MyLearning and it crashed our server. My question is: can someone give me specific directions (including what directory to upload to) on installing this or any plugin. Thanks.

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24 November 2009, 9:15


I just wrote a short guide on how to install/uninstall My Learning plug-in. See wiki:

 Hope that helps...

10 January 2015, 13:13


We upgraded our Mahara instance to 1.10. But we had to disinstall My Learning; the plugin is not working with 1.10 and it crashes the admin.

Is someone going to work on a fix? I have a couple of teachers who use this plugin with their students.

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25 January 2015, 18:44

Hello Stephane,

We haven't encountered any problems with the plugin so far on a client's recently installed Mahara 1.10. The plugin already existed in the database (1.8) and we upgraded the site. The only change we made was to create a new icon (we will share that with Gregor).




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