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Pushing feedback to portfolios

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29 October 2009, 8:28


I am looking for an ePortfolio system taht will allow faculty to "push" material into student portfolios.  In aprticular I am thinking of feedback on assessments.  This could be generic class feedback and individual feedback.  does anyone know if Mahara supports this?  Thanks

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29 October 2009, 17:02

Hello Fergus,

I think Mahara can help you with that in at least a number of ways.

  • Feedback can be private or public (public meaning for those who have access to a portfolio view, i.e. portfolio section)
  • Each portfolio view can receive feedback at the end of the view. The feedback is in text form. Everybody can give feedback there.
  • Currently, also a number of artefacts, e.g. blog posts, uploaded files, can receive direct feedback. That will be expanded in the future to include more artefacts.
  • If you want to give very detailed feedback that only the individual student should see, but you also want to give some more public feedback, you can use the groups "Course Request Membership" or "Course Controlled Membership". When students submit their views for assessment, you can write a feedback as usual, but in addition also add a file that will be placed into the students files and only they can view it though others see that a file was attached, but cannot view it.
  • Portfolio views do not have to be individual. Students can also create shared views in a group to which they all contribute. Then feedback can also be placed there.

These are the things that I can come up with right now. Maybe there are even more possibilities that I have not yet discovered.

All the  best


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21 May 2012, 11:03

Hrllo kristina has been allready 3 year seens you wrote about feedback, we are implemeting mahara 1.5 and we have the same situacion with the feedback. the new mahara allow you to send individual feedback to student's without using global feedback and private feedback.

I meand, send feedback per assements for example 



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21 May 2012, 15:32

Hello Juan,

Do you refer to Fergus' original post about pushing out generic feedback for assignments? If that is the case, Mahara cannot do that as nobody has implemented that functionality yet. You can create a wishlist item and see if somebody picks it up, you could develop it yourself or ask somebody to develop it. Smile



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