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Mahara 1.0.7 Released

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23 December 2008, 12:45 AM

This new stable release contains bug fixes over the 1.0.6 release, targetted around system stability. The memory and file size upload limits have been increased in order to allow parsing of large RSS feeds and uploading of large files.

Also in this release, a reasonably nasty bug in the cron processing has been fixed. Please read the release notes for more information. The bug probably has not affected many systems, but those that were affected were unlikely to be delivering notifications.

Please remember to test the upgrade first on a copy of your system, and have a Merry Christmas! 

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23 December 2008, 2:34 AM

In other unrelated but timely news, I just did a deployment of that means that forum discussion emails should appear threaded in threading e-mail clients. It also adds a link to the Planet Mahara RSS feed(s).
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23 December 2008, 6:56 AM

That's really great Nigel!

 Now that emails have a List-Id header I can easily classify them in different mail folders. Thanks a lot!!!


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01 January 2009, 6:01 AM

Thanks M8,

Keep up the great work! 

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