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Welcome to the new!

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26 November 2008, 20:18

It's great to finally launch the new, which we have been working on for quite a while. The new site has some cool new features, but I think the coolest thing is that the site is a Mahara itself. This will give people a chance to play with Mahara right here, and hopefully people will start creating some cool Views!

Some of the highlights of the new site are:

  • The new forums are Mahara's forums, which means that people can now subscribe to posts or forums and receive e-mail updates when new replies are posted (complaint #1 about the old site!)
  • We've integrated Google custom search, which you can see in the top right. This will search all of the public pages on the site, including the wiki and forums (complaint #2 about the old site!). Of course, it won't search your private portfolio data!
  • The site is running Mahara 1.1, which includes the reworked groups and View templates functionality. We added some new features to groups for this site, which have made it into Mahara itself - the ability to mark groups as being public, the ability to automatically put users in groups when they sign up, and the ability to subscribe users to forums automatically when they join a group.
  • There's a shiny new wiki, powered by the very cool Dekiwiki. This wiki shares the same username and password details as, so you can log in to both sites with just one username and password (you'll need a account to get access to the wiki).
  • We've added a Planet, so you can follow activity on Mahara without waiting for "official" news announcements.

We hope you enjoy the new site. Now, our focus turns to Mahara 1.1, which will be ready soon. Stay Tuned!

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27 November 2008, 1:24

Nice work, Nigel. Can't wait for 1.1!
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27 November 2008, 3:52

Hi Nigel,

it looks great Cool

You and the other guys have done an excellent job!

greetings Heinz

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27 November 2008, 4:55

Agreed, this is really nice :)
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01 December 2008, 19:43

Lovely!!  Smashing!! Great!!!

 I am keen to get 1.1 sites running.  I love Mahara more and more each day.

Thank you ever so much, Mahara team, for all of your hard work...

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02 December 2008, 20:50

Cant WAIT!! :)
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