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Developing resources and working closely with new Emirati faculty: eportfolio development, blended learning, experiential learning and outcomes based assessment.

Current activities: developing and managing teaching portfolios program for faculty trainees; using Zoom for live training and support; building interactive modules for Blackboard using Adobe Captivate; converting case studies to scenarios in Storyline; investigating Digications and Canvas for various projects.

Joined: 25 January 2015
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Hi Welcome to my own personalised website where I can share the latest happenings in education. Well we are on one !! This could be classified as a mini Bebo. Just let your students beware of downloading copyrighted materal. Especially in the video part as they will be disappointed when all  of their video will not show up!

Another neat thing I have discovered is You Tube downloader

I plan my lessons on Word with Hyperlinks so students can access them at all times. They have a focus and students can see where they have gone and where they are heading to. You can access them through my files.

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David is a freelance developer and adviser in the field of education and research oriented web portals and database applications.

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