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David Mudrák - Member

David is a freelance developer and adviser in the field of education and research oriented web portals and database applications.

Joined: December 8, 2008 at 7:57 PM
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David Norman - Member

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David Paz - Member

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David Reid Matthews - Member

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David Scannell - Member

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David Sturrock - Member

I'm Flexible Learning Team Leader at NMIT and have been dipping in and out of Mahara user community for last 2 years. Encouraging teachers and students at NMIT to use hosted for learning and professional portfolios.
Joined: November 27, 2008 at 6:25 AM
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David Walls - Member

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David CHEN ZHUO - Member

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David J. Goodrich - Member

I spend my time creating instructional tools and content to help facilitate learning most effectively. The process consists broadly of determining the current state and needs of the learner, defining the end goal of instruction, and creating some "intervention" to assist in the transition. Ideally the process is informed by pedagogically tested theories of learning and may take place in student-only, teacher-led or community-based settings. The outcome of this instruction may be directly observable and scientifically measured or completely hidden and assumed. Instructional design. (2009, March 21). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 13:08, March 24, 2009, from 

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