Bug reports

The bug tracker lists all bugs reported for Mahara, and allows you to add a bug should you find one. When you report a bug, please include the following information:

  • The version of Mahara you are running, and the version of PHP Mahara is running on.
  • What database and version you are using (e.g. PostgreSQL 8.3 or MySQL 5.1)
  • If you are reporting a crash/nonrecoverable error, any errors in the server error log. This is the error log for the apache virtual host your Mahara is using. Typically this log will be in the directory /var/log/apache2 or similar.
    The error message will typically look like this:

    [Wed Aug 20 18:09:44 2008] [error] [WAR] 4c (lib/dml.php:428) Failed to get a recordset: postgres7 error: [-1: ERROR: column "id" does not exist]
    in EXECUTE("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "group_member" WHERE "id" = ? AND "role" = ? ")
    [Wed Aug 20 18:09:44 2008] [error] [WAR] 4c (lib/dml.php:428) Command was: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "group_member" WHERE "id" = ? AND "role" = ? and values was (,admin)
    [Wed Aug 20 18:09:44 2008] [error] Call stack (most recent first):
    [Wed Aug 20 18:09:44 2008] [error] * get_recordset_sql("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "group_member" WHERE "id" = ...", array(size 2)) at .../mahara/htdocs/lib/dml.php:225
    [Wed Aug 20 18:09:44 2008] [error] * count_records_sql("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "group_member" WHERE "id" = ...", array(size 2)) at .../mahara/htdocs/lib/dml.php:191
    [Wed Aug 20 18:09:44 2008] [error] * count_records("group_member", "id", object(stdClass), "role", "admin") at .../mahara/htdocs/lib/group.php:52
    [Wed Aug 20 18:09:44 2008] [error] * group_user_can_leave(1, 1) at ..../mahara/htdocs/group/changerole.php:115
    [Wed Aug 20 18:09:44 2008] [error]

Security issue reporting

We do not approve test accounts on mahara.org that are created for the purpose of finding security or other issues.

Please refer to our security wiki page for more information.

Feature requests

The bug tracker is also the right place to place requests for new features for Mahara. Feel free to add a feature request, should you want some new functionality. Note that the Mahara partners are able to implement features for you, should you want them sooner!