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Some notes about setting up and using the script with Gimp

Some notes about setting up and using the script with Gimp

In order to use the script, you need Gimp 2.6 at least (2.8 has just been released, but I haven't tested it; I you do, please drop me a message).

You need to download the script file from this page (just follow the instructions given above), and then place it in the users' Gimp scripts directory (so you can upgrade Gimp without loosing the script). If you are using Linux (and probably OSX) this directory is at    ~/.gimp-2.x/scripts   (where 2.x is the the Gimp version you have installed,  i.e. 2.6, 2.8, etc.). If you are using Microsoft Windows, this directory is at   %userprofile%/.gimp-2.x/scripts   (again, substitute 2.x with your Gimp version) You can paste that path in a Windows Explorer window and it will open the right directory).

Once you have the script installed, you can start Gimp and use the new functionality to place the callouts. The video embedded below shows how to do it :-)

Make sure you turn captions on in the video player, there are some useful notes in there!

Right click on the video and select "Watch it in YouTube" if you want to see it in HD (720p) and full screen, to better appreciate the details.

If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to contact me Smile

Video demostranting script usage