Block Usage/Installation Instructions

What does this block do?

 This block is used to pull together all forum posts from a single user, from a selected list of groups.

How do I install the block?

Click on the file and download it to your Mahara installation. Unzip the file into the $MAHARAROOT/blocktype folder (this should create a myforumposts folder within your blocktype folder.

It's on the server, now what?

Go to your Mahara Admin page and select Plugin Administration. At the bottom of the Plugin Type: Blocktype list you shoud see myforumposts (Install). Click on the Install link to install the plugin.

OK, it's installed. Where can I find it?

In the block lists while creating a page, the MyForumPosts block is on the General tab.

I've found it. How do I use it?

As with the other blocks, drag it onto your page, where you would like it to go. Once in place, the pop-up configuration box should appear. This is (effectively) split into 3 sections

  • Title : You can set the block title (if you wish) by clikcing on the Set a block title link.
  • Group : Select which groups you want to show posts from. You can select multiple groups by presing Ctrl + clicking on each required group.
  • Maximum posts : Select how many posts you wish to display per group (this displays the most recent posts backwards).

Click on the Save button to select the groups.

Please note that as this shows only your posts, the context of what was written can be lost. However, you can click on the post header to take you directly to the associated forum.

Version History

Version 1.0.2 (2012062501)

Added French language string (thanks to Dajan for the translation).

Updated code to include an explanation string on how to select more than one group.

Version 1.0.1 (2012011000)

Amended block icon

Removed old file no longer required

Version 1.0.0 (2012010402)

Original plugin created