The meaning of "Mahara"

The Mahara project chose "Mahara" as name for its web application. In Te Reo Māori, "mahara" means "to think, thinking, thought" and that fits the purpose of Mahara very well. Having been started in New Zealand, it was fitting to choose a Māori word to signify the concept of the ePortfolio system.

Mahara also has meanings in at least one other language. If it also exists in other languages, please let us know.

In Arabic, "Mahara" stands for "exceptional skill (above and beyond the average)".

In Shona, "Mahara" means "free" / "for free".

The Mahara logo

MaharaRauiri2017_49x95.png The symbol in the Mahara logo is a Māori "rauiri" (single twist). In contemporary society, the single twist (rauiri) "represents the joining together of two people. Even though sometimes people move away, their journey of life will have their paths cross again. The single figure eight represents the path of life, it is the eternity symbol. (The single twist is different to the double or triple twist in that it refers to individual people, where the double and triple twist refers more to the joining of peoples, or cultures)." Source

Supported by Catalyst

Catalyst’s open source specialists are the lead developers and maintainers of the Mahara project. Since the project’s launch in 2006, Catalyst has led development around the world, implementing new features and bug fixes, defining the direction of the project and supporting community members in succeeding with their ePortfolio implementation.

We help Mahara users and contributors around the world to get involved with the project. Get in touch with us if you'd like to implement your ideas and want to contribute to Mahara.

Catalyst IT

Why a portfolio?

Strategic direction

A first guiding principle with the development of the Mahara ePortfolio system is that it is learner centred – a form of Personal Learning Environment. This is in contrast to the more institution-centric Learning Management System (LMS).
Mahara is a stand-alone system that can be integrated into a wider virtual learning framework. We believe the Learning Management System remains a highly useful application for delivering learning. We also believe the overall environment can be enhanced and complemented by a learner-centred personal learning environment such as Mahara. Pan-institutional learner communities can also be encouraged using Mahara.
Mahara’s architecture is inspired by the modular, extensible architecture of Moodle. The Mahara team has also been heavily involved in the Moodle community, with recent work mostly focused on Moodle Networks. Similarly, Mahara systems can be networked together as well having single sign-on from Moodle 1.9 upwards. In a sense, we see Mahara as a ‘sister’ application although the two systems are not required to go together.
Mahara will continue to evolve as a ‘pluggable’, modular ePortfolio system designed to leverage Web 2.0 web services and built with interoperability in mind. 


Background to Mahara

First established in mid 2006, the Mahara project started as collaborative venture funded by New Zealand's Tertiary Education Commission's e-learning Collaborative Development Fund (eCDF), involving Massey University, Auckland University of Technology, The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, and Victoria University of Wellington.
Continued development has been made possible by further support from New Zealand’s Ministry of Education and the application of Mellon Foundation funds from the Open Polytechnic’s winning a 2007 Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration.

Mahara tune

Josh Woodward wrote the lyrics and composed the Mahara tune for the Mahara project. The tune is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0.

You can also download the tune as OGG file.

Mahara brand

The Mahara project makes available logos and brand guidelines for anyone who requires the logo and can use it according to the Trademark Policy.