The brand guidelines provide an overview of the current Mahara logo, the color palette of the Mahara project, and the brand font.

Please consult the Mahara Trademark Policy for more information on how and when you can use the logo.

If you have any questions or require the logo in a different file format, please get in touch.

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Folder contents:

The logo

The Mahara logo was updated in January 2017. Old logos are not to be used anymore.

The Mahara logo comes in two variations:

  1. Primary logo: Image logo with text
  2. Secondary logo: Image logo only, e.g. for favicons

If the word "mahara" is used alongside the logo, the logo differs slightly to accommodate the text better. If you use the "rauiri" on its own, the image logo should be used rather than removing the word "mahara".

The logo is available for both light and dark backgrounds. We also provide the logo to be used in a footer for "Powered by Mahara" and the favicon.

Logo do's

  • Use the full-positive logo on a white or light background whenever possible as that is the preferred logo.
  • Use the inverse logo option if you have a dark background.
  • Use the white logo option when you have a patterned background or the other two options would not look well.
  • Use the font Baloo if you want to change the text "Powered by" into your own language. Ideally, the text only goes up to the "h" in Mahara so you don't have run ins.

Logo don'ts

  • Do not use any other colors for the logo.
  • Do not change the font of the logo.
  • Do not use the secondary logo with "mahara".
  • Do not distort, stretch or alter the logo in any way.
  • Do not use the logo in a way that disparages the Mahara project.

Mahara colors

With the brand refresh in January 2017, we also introduced a complete color palette to faciliate a cohesive look with the logo.

The primary color is the medium dark green #566d31. Additional colors are available for graphics, links, and backgrounds. Consult the PDF as it includes the hexadecimal color codes.

The brand font for Mahara is "Open Sans". The logo text is not in Open Sans. It has custom lettering.

Color palette