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I've been developing web sites using PHP/MySQL since about 1997 (I've owned computers since 1981, though, and have been programming and hacking since then).  I'm self-taught, because when I started, there weren't any schools offering any sort of PHP instruction (at least not in the Seattle area). The sites I have developed have been primarily my own sites, but I have done quite a few sites professionally for others.

Most of my non-tech work experience has been in the entertainment industry, both in music and film & television.

I am currently using Mahara in a non-academic setting for a social networking web application and have modified the code extensively. I have created a group, Mahara Non-Academic Development Group, for others who are using or are interested in Mahara for non-academic use.

  • Town: Seattle
  • City/region: WA
  • Country: United States

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We are getting close to the beta launch, however.
I'm STILL coding our site. It's pretty massive, though, and for the most part, Mahara is just the base code. Most of the features are completely new code or massively modified Mahara code. Pieforms and MochiKit have been almost completely removed in favor of hand coded AJAX submitted forms and jQuery.
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