My experimental view for the MAHARA community...

by Sigi
In this view I will link to my other projects and enjoying the lovely new features of this MAHARA version!!!

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In this Blog I will enter my reflections on the MAHARA features for learning.
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Online session on EPortfolios and PLEs

Last week I had been invited to an Online Round Table on EPortfolios and PLEs.

Mit zeitweise mehr als 60 über den Globus verteilten Teilnehmern (u.a. Neuseeland, Australien, USA, Polen, Portugal, Luxemburg und Kuwait), fand gestern die erste Session der Online Round Table 2009 des EduCamp- und Evolve-Netzwerkes erfolgreich statt. Wir möchten uns an dieser Stellen nochmals recht herzlich bei unseren ExpertInnen, Sieglinde Jakob-Kühn und Graham Attwell, für die inspirierenden Impulsvorträge und bei den Gästen für die aktive Teilnahme im Chat und an der Diskussion bedanken.

Für all diejenigen, die gestern leider keine Zeit gefunden haben, steht seit wenigen Stunden die Aufzeichnung der kompletten Session hier zur Verfügung (Dauer: 75 min). Zum Anschauen muss man nur eine kleine Java-Anwendung namens recording.jnlp herunterladen, deren Download automatisch starten sollte. Anschließend bekommt man dank Elluminate all das zu sehen, was auch die Teilnehmer gestern gesehen haben (inkl. Whiteboard-Nutzung und Applikation-Sharing). So enjoy the show ;-)

Das Chat-Protokoll von gestern findet Ihr hier. Darberhinaus hat Sieglinde Ihre Folien bei Slideshare und authorSTREAM bereitgestellt. Grahams Folien werden nachgereicht.

Wir haben im EduCamp-Mixxt-Netzwerk auch ein Forum für Euch eingerichtet, damit das Thema “PLE und E-Portfolios” weiterdiskutiert werden kann. Auch im Evolve-Netzwerk findet ihr einen englischsprachigen Thread zum Thema.

 It was quite a challenge for me as it was my first online session in English and there was a great number of professionals from all over Europa but also from NZ and overseas.


Here is the PowerPoint Presentation which I have uploaded to autorstream. Just checked it, works fine, even the links are active….. so you may watch it at your own space…. and even see the end of it. I was so nervous when I held the presentation tonight that I didn’t find the most simple words like “inauguration” … what a shame… in the end I started to like it and grew more comfortable, esp. as there were so many friends around I’ve known for quite some time now. I still thnk itis not easy talking to your monitor without seeing people’s faces and reactions- which leads to peeping on the chat window -impossible with 50 participants actively chatting along ;-)

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by sigi

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by sigi

Getting to the other end of the world...

As I can see the MAHARA community prospering I'd like to contribute and participate as well as it is a great tool for communicating with people . Ido not really want to create yet another set of views in this MAHARA platform but will link to my existing public views on other platforms.  Even if most of the views are in German, there might be some useful ideas for other members....

What I just discovered as a great feature is the new display of the RSS feed block, wher you get the entries neatly dispöayed now... will have to tell my other admins to upgrade to the latest version of MAHARA ... to make mine look as nice!


this is enthusiasm!!! - we should send this video to all responsible for school education ;-)

List of my views in other MAHARA systems

What I want to link here are the views which I made public in other views... will need a GPS system soon to find my way....

View I created as a review of the events of 2008

View to accompany an online presentation for INTEL Education in January

..... I need more time.... have to run now :-(