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Hello! I am one of the original developers of Mahara, since we started in 2006.  

I live in Switzerland now, and work for Liip, the Swiss Mahara and Moodle partner. I hope to be able to influence the adoption of Mahara in Switzerland.  Please get in touch if you have any questions or ideas!

I'm also a core Moodle developer since 2004, and my most recent big Moodle project has been the Portfolio API for Moodle 2.0, with enhanced Mahara integration.

I'm currently interested in Portfolio interoperability, and have been working on the LEAP2A implementation for Mahara 1.2.

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hello Penny, I have the same probleme like Issac. please help
Hi Penny, I am a newbie to mahara. I just installed in a webserver. After I logged in I am being requested by the system to give user name and password for each and every click (link). I don't know what it is. I am using mahara 1.4, PHP5.2x, Mysql-5 Linux. Please help me.
hii Penny please can you tell me how can i delete some part in portfolio like my collection because i see it is same my views

What is the meaning of this? [ENV] e2 You have dangerous PHP settings, magic_quotes_gpc is on.

Hey Penny, I submitted a view to the mahara community, and I need to edit it. Can you possibly unlock it for me please? Thanks!
Hi, Sorry to trouble you. I want to add a navigation bar to the right, similar to what's on Since its already done by mahara, i was hoping you could share the code for it
Hi Penny, Congratulations on Google-O'Reilly Open Source Award - Best Education Hacker: Mahara / Moodle!!
Congrats on the OSCON award Penny! :)
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