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Hi. I am a Computer Engineer who has a driving passion to stop climate change.  I am trying to apply what I know about the web2.0 to help others form action groups, support networks, and get online training.
  • First name: Jamie
  • Last name: Robe
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  • Occupation: Computer Engineer

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Hi. I think it is fitting that we honor Lady Ada Lovelace by having a blogging day dedicated to her.  As part of that larger celebration I am making this humble post to my blog here on the website.  I think it is appropriate, as this site is used by a large number of educators, and Lady Lovelace's story is an early example of a woman taking the lead during the early development of a technology - In this case the first computer program.

Ada_Lovelace.jpgI won't go into too many details about Lady Lovelace's interesting, if somewhat tragic life.  She was often ill, but she used that "down time" to further herself intellectually.  This was mid 1800's, at a time when woman were not allowed access to formal education. To find out more about this period, I suggest Edwin Abbott Abbott's interesting book Flat Land - A Romance of Many Dimensions.

While connected socially, both due to the fact that her father was Lord Byron (the Poet)  and that she married the Lord of Lovelace, it is her intellectual ability that makes her famous today.  She taught herself how to program the first computer, before it was even built by the inventor, Charles Babbage.  It is amazing to read about her accomplishment and insight into what we today take for granted - the general purpose computer.  Lady Lovelace saw its potential to do the types of things it does today - back in 1842!  Apparently, she had insights that Babbage himself never grasped.

I think that Lady Lovelace should be an inspiration to all of us. Overcoming illness, making a contribution to society (even if it involves "obscure" things that no one else seems to understand), and overcoming discrimination based on sex, age, race, sexual orientation, income level, health, etc. 

Although my blog post here is somewhat obscure here on the website,  the significant impact that woman have in technology, especially online educational technology, is clearly seen on   Congratulations ladies!  Keep up the great work (you too fellow men Smile ). Being a romantic at heart too, as I reflect on Lady Lovelace on this day of celebration, I like to think of her in the terms that Charles Babbage used - here is to the "The Enchantress of Numbers".

Have a great day everyone,

Jamie Robe

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Hi. My interest is in integration of Moodle and Mahara.

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