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working and working i was able to use mahara in Interactive boards integrating it in editors for promethean Acytive inspire.( also logon is made via smart card and via Face recogniction on tablets) . now to complete job i need to use the mahara programs php . and i use them to interface pushbutton in editors. But i was not able to focalize the way to automatically insert directory names in local upload and download php programs to the server. may you help me ?
Hi can u help me please? how can I edit my home page and add videos for example? Thanks
السلام عليكم اخ محمد انا قرأة استفسارك عن اتجاه الثيم وانا عندي نفس المشكلة اواجهها ممكن لو سمحت اعرف إذا حصلت حل لهذي المشكلة
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