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My name is Mari Cruz Garcia (aka Aaricia Thorgalson). I can be defined as a fine blend of learning technologist, new-born Buddhist and social activist. I am using Mahara as my own eportfolio as I contribute to the Mahara project and believe in the potential of this software.

 I have a strong technological background and seven years of academic studies, including a degree, master and  a PhD research project (without thesis).    

I speak English,español und ein bisschen Deutsch.  I also like to use French expressions to look more glamorous  and sophisticated than I really am. 



  • I want to live in a society ruled by  justice, trust and compassion, rather than fear and punishment.

  • I want to  work where I am considered a human being, and not a "human resource".

  • I want to believe that an organisation/company is a group of people who share a vision and work together to achieve that vision.

  • I want to work in projects where people can still think "out of the box", and self-awareness and personal growth are still permitted.

  • I want to be "into people", not "into business".

  • I offer honesty, integrity, passion, energy and I believe that hard word too (or so say my previous employers).

  • I can be moody and challenging sometimes, when I am confined to bleak crowded offices.


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Hola Mari Cruz te he mandado un mensaje interno y te dejo aqui una cosnulta por si puedes trasladarla -en caso que no sepas al respecto- a alguien de la comunidad que pudea ayudarme: Al ir a instalar Mahara 1.8 me encuentro que me da el sigueinte error: pear/MDB2_Driver_pgsql requires PHP extension "pgsql" No valid packages found install failed 0 sin en cambio en la wiki dice ques posible instalarlo en una mysql5: https://wiki.mahara.org/index.php/Documentaci%C3%B3n_en_Espa%C3%B1ol/Instalaci%C3%B3n_de_Mahara El caso es que dispongo en mi server de ambas condiciones: php5 y my sql5. por favor ayuda
Hola Mari Cruz, espero no intrometerme...pero es que necesito un poco de ayuda para resolver una cuestion que planteo en el foro que administras "El rincon del Geek". Podrías echarle un vistazillo? Si es asi estupendo y si no tambien, muchisimas gracias.
Thanks for the Mahara in 10min series.
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