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Mahara Newsletter January 2013 (Vol. 2 / Issue 4) (Journal entry)

We wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2013. May it be a wonderful year for you.

While this newsletter does not sport...

Mahara Newsletter October 2012 (Vol. 2 / Issue 3) (Journal entry)

A warm Sydney spring welcome to the third issue of the Mahara Newsletter in 2012. This issue is action packed with news from users, event...

Mahara Newsletter July 2012 (Vol. 2 / Issue 2) (Journal entry)

Welcome to the second issue of the Mahara Newsletter in 2012. In this issue we will update you on events, plugins as well as a change in ...

Mahara Newsletter April 2012 (Vol. 2 / Issue 1) (Journal entry)

This first issue in the year 2012 is packed with user examples, upcoming events and information on Mahara 1.5.

The next newsletter wil...
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