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Mahara Newsletter April 2012 (Vol. 2 / Issue 1) (Journal entry)

This first issue in the year 2012 is packed with user examples, upcoming events and information on Mahara 1.5.

The next newsletter wil...

Mahara Newsletter December 2011 (Vol. 1 / Issue 4) (Journal entry)

Welcome to another issue of the Mahara Newsletter. It is already our 4th this year.

If you wish to have your story published in the ne...

Mahara Newsletter October 2011 (Vol. 1 / Issue 3) (Journal entry)

Welcome to the third issue of the Mahara Newsletter. This issue is filled with fantastic contributions suggesting ideas of how to use ...

Mahara Newsletter July 2011 (Vol. 1 / Issue 2) (Journal entry)

After the release is before the release

The last three months have been an exciting time for Mahara as work on version 1.4 continued a...

Mahara Newsletter April 2011 (Vol. 1 / Issue 1) (Journal entry)

Kia ora!

Welcome to the 1st issue of the Mahara Newsletter. This newsletter is published quarterly starting in April 2011 (NZ time). E...
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