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Code Contribution Policy affirmed, and Academic Advisory Group

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30 August 2009, 19:25

Hi all, two important pieces of news, one for developers and one for academics interested in Mahara:

Code Contribution Policy 

The Code Contribution Policy is now official. From now, all submitted patches will need to comply with these terms, to ensure that all contributions are legal. Mostly, this won't affect anyone, other than that you'll have to "sign" your patches. See the document for more details.

The final policy only requires that you license your changes to us - you keep your copyright on the code.

Academic Advisory Group 

Mark Brown has announced the formation of a Mahara International Academic Advisory Group, and is calling for expressions of interest to join it. Mark writes:

"In consultation with Richard Wyles, we believe it is timely to establish an Academic Advisory Group as international interest continues to grow in the use of Mahara.


The intention of the Advisory Group is threefold:

1. To provide advice and academic leadership on the future direction of Mahara;

2. To promote and harness collaboration across leading academics and institutions committed to using Mahara;

3. To build and foster a strong research culture around the use of Mahara in promoting life-long learning.

Mahara began as a University led project with funding from the New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission. A key strength is that the design principles come from the education community. The idea of this Group is to maintain and continue to strengthen that academic connection, share ideas and advise on the evolution of the Mahara system from an educational perspective."


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