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Sync user profile icons from mahara to moodle

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23 August 2009, 22:47

I am using Mahara 1.1.6 on a VPS running Ubuntu 8.04. I Setup a *mahoodle* setup for getting users in the Mahara website authenticated in the Moodle Site

This is are the websites

In Mahara, the Institution (moodle) has set just the xmlrpc authentication plugin, with the following settings

We SSO out ON
They SSO in OFF
Update user info on login ON
We auto-create users OFF
They auto-create users ON
We import content ON

So, my question is What about the user profiles fields in the remote host (Moodle)?, In my understanding they would be sync with the ones set on the Mahara Website, I had especial interested on the user profile icon.

This is not implemented? or I am missing a Setting?

Best Regards from Bolivia
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24 August 2009, 23:33

Hi - by the looks of the code, we have a method that allows fetching of user image, so I imagine that there is a bug somewhere in the process. Could you please file a bug report on the tracker? We'll look into it as soon as we can.
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