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Mahara 1.2.0beta1 (unstable) released.

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20 August 2009, 22:05

We've added a new beta release to the download page.  We are going to stop adding new features to 1.2, and would appreciate bug reports as we start to stabilise the code.

The default theme templates have been removed in 1.2, so this release should be installed into an empty directory, not on top of an older Mahara installation otherwise old templates will interfere with the theme.

This release includes some big changes to the theming.  Sites with custom themes will need to make modifications.  A description of the theme changes and how to update custom themes can now be found on the Wiki

See the release notes for more information on what has changed in this release.

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27 August 2009, 16:11

Hi Richard,

just wanted to add a bug report but I didn't know which version to choose. Is it version "HEAD/trunk"?

Found that in some areas scrollbars are displayed. This might be a CSS bug(?).

For instance, while using theme "Agua" ...

1) in area "Profile / Edit Profile" -> tabs "Messaging" and "General"
2) in area "My Files"  

BR, Peer 

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27 August 2009, 18:22

Hi - yes, as the release notes say - bug reports to version HEAD/trunk please Smile
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27 August 2009, 20:54

Hi Peer,

The css is still being cleaned up by our designers right now, so you might want to hold off on theme-related bug reports till the next beta release -- I won't be changing any css until they've finished.

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