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Groups search not working after upgrade and missing text labels

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19 August 2009, 11:05

Hi All,

 I had previously posted to the forum regarding some upgrade failures from 1.0.9, well I was able to upgrade to 1.1.6 by following these steps, as we adopted mahara relatively early on it would seem that our database was created as latin1 CHARSET,  I dumped the database and changed the CHARSET to utf8, then DROPed the database and re-created it as per the installation instructions as UTF8 and re-imported it.  I then ran the upgrade... so far so good.

 I am getting the following text when I search for groups:


ERROR - something bad happened after headers have been sent. Check the error log for more information.

 My Log files displays the following:


[19-Aug-2009 08:57:11] [WAR] e7 (lib/errors.php:396) An exception was thrown of class InvalidArgumentException.
[19-Aug-2009 08:57:11] [WAR] e7 (lib/errors.php:396) THIS IS BAD and should be changed to something extending MaharaException,
[19-Aug-2009 08:57:11] [WAR] e7 (lib/errors.php:396) unless the exception is from a third party library.
[19-Aug-2009 08:57:11] [WAR] e7 (lib/errors.php:396) Original trace follows
[19-Aug-2009 08:57:11] [WAR] e7 (lib/user.php:453) Invalid user passed to display_name
[19-Aug-2009 08:57:11] Call stack (most recent first):
[19-Aug-2009 08:57:11]   * display_name(null) at /srv/wwwdata/mahara/smarty/compile/kwantlen/%%A1^A16^A169BBE2%%group.tpl.php:11
[19-Aug-2009 08:57:11]   * include("/srv/wwwdata/mahara/smarty/compile/kwantlen/%%A1^A...") at /srv/www/mahara-1.1.6/htdocs/lib/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php:1871
[19-Aug-2009 08:57:11]   * Smarty->_smarty_include(array(size 2)) at /srv/wwwdata/mahara/smarty/compile/kwantlen/%%89^897^897E9359%%mygroups.tpl.php:38
[19-Aug-2009 08:57:11]   * include("/srv/wwwdata/mahara/smarty/compile/kwantlen/%%89^8...") at /srv/www/mahara-1.1.6/htdocs/lib/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php:1258
[19-Aug-2009 08:57:11]   * Smarty->fetch("group/mygroups.tpl", null, null, true) at /srv/www/mahara-1.1.6/htdocs/lib/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php:1108
[19-Aug-2009 08:57:11]   * Smarty->display("group/mygroups.tpl") at /srv/www/mahara-1.1.6/htdocs/group/mygroups.php:85
[19-Aug-2009 08:57:11]

 I also noticed in varios places there seem to be smarty labels missing from my interface for example:


In site administration:

[[adminfiles/admin]] - [[adminfilesdescription/admin]]


In my user profile:



Any help would be greatly appreciated, also it seems as though there is a bias towards running mahara on postgres, in terms of direction, will mahara be supporting only postgres in the future?  Is it better supported on postgres?  What does the client base look like for postgres vs. mysql.  I would like to know so that I am able to further plan our implementation of mahara.  Our instititution has shown a great deal of interest in this software. 


Which reminds me,  thanks all devs for your hard work.  Many people benifit and apprecaiate it.

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19 August 2009, 21:07


I think the issues you are seeing are probably because of stale smarty cache files. If you go into your dataroot directory, and remove all the directories and files under $dataroot/smarty/compile/, do all of the problems go away?

If that solves it, yay Smile. We added some code to automatically do this for you on upgrades, starting from Mahara 1.2.

Regarding postgres vs. mysql. Mahara is better supported on postgres, but we are committed to mysql support - there is no plans to remove it. About 25% of the registered sites on use postgres.

If you can, run it on postgres. If you can't, then mysql will do Wink 

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20 August 2009, 14:14

Hi Nigel

That worked great, tell me will I have to do this quite frequently (ie setup a cron job) or should cron.php take care of it?  We dont run cron in our test env because I dont want emails getting sent out causing mass confusion.

Looks like I can go ahead and upgrade as needed!  Thanks much!


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20 August 2009, 16:54


Nope, it doesn't need to be done at all during normal operation. It's only when you change the smarty template files in certain ways, or change a function that's called in a smarty template, that you need to remove the caches. And this almost never happens except when you upgrade Mahara (which is why Mahara will do it for you from 1.2).

You can set the configuration setting $cfg->sendallemailto = '[email protected]'; to make sure that Mahara will not send email out from the system. It's really useful for staging/testing environments. You can also simply set $cfg->sendemail = false; if you just want to supress mail completely. 

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