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Attachment links missing after import

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09 May 2024, 9:42

During testing of the import/export function on our Mahara instance, we encountered an issue.  After exporting a user’s portfolio and importing the ZIP archive into another user’s account, we found that all views/pages appear to be normal, except that links to attached files are missing.

Original view

Imported view

The issue appears to be specific to attached files.  Embedded PDFs and PNGs are imported correctly.  I’ve inspected the exported ZIP archive, and all attached files are present within the archive.  Also, the links to these files are shown in the HTML files.  It seems like that the attachment links might be getting removed during the import process.

Best regards,

Jin Zhang

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15 May 2024, 13:04

Hi Jin,

This does look to be an error/missing piece of functionality in Mahara relating to 'Note' blocks on importing.

I've begun an issue report and merge request for this issue.

Please feel free to test what I have so far to see if fixes the problem for you.




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