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SAML Plugin View metadata does not working

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25 April 2024, 20:52

Hi All,

Mahara Version: 22.10

SAML Version: 2022020100

Currently I'm configuring the SAML plugin for SSO. When I try to view the Service Provider metadata, it does not return a normal page. When I click the button to return to the last page, it shows some error (no idea if this is related or not). See if someone could help on this case, thanks a lot.



  • saml_error.PNG
  • error_page.PNG
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26 April 2024, 10:56

Hi Simon,

Looking at the error it sounds like you need to set the redis prefix value in your config.php file to something like:

 $cfg->redisprefix = 'mahara';



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Posts: 15

26 April 2024, 13:19

Hi Robert,


Thank you for your suggestion, it works perfectly!



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