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Page background image in skin - only visible to owner

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23 April 2024, 22:59


I have a student who is trying to insert a header image and a page background image in his skin but only he can view the image.  I am sure I have done this in the past but can't now get it to work.

Regards, Marion

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02 May 2024, 10:55

Hi Marion,

I was not able to replicate this problem on Mahara 22.10.5 / Mahara 23.04.5 / Mahara 24.04.0 - the steps I took was: Upload 2 files to person A's files section then create a skin and set one of the images as header background and the other as page background then created a page and add new skin to it then shared the page to registered accounts then logged in as person B and viewed that page. I could see both images on the page.


Was the skin a newly created one or older one? How was the skin shared? Was it add to a page and the page shared? If so how was the page shared? was it via 'shared by me' page? or was it via portfolio submissions?




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