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How can I download a version of Mahara?

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14 June 2023, 20:46


I would like to know how I can now download the new versions of Mahra.

I can't find a link to download a certain version.

Thank you





16 June 2023, 17:56

Yes, I noticed that as well.

22.10.1 is said to be available, but not available for download.

23.04.1 has not been publicly released, that I know. Perhaps 22.10.1 is also not publicly released.

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17 June 2023, 0:06

Hi Juan,


You can find ‘Download’ option for existing releases in the menu.

Please see for more info.


Kind regards,


20 June 2023, 21:03

Doris, my Mahara says this:

  • Latest minor version of this release: 22.10.1

Where can I find this version? Or is this version also not publicly available?

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20 June 2023, 23:22

Hi Richard,

See Questions and Answers page

The commercial model offering is in the process of being developed. Please keep an eye out on the ‘News forum’ for updates.

Kind regards,


22 June 2023, 18:39

Then I concluded that version 22.10.1 is not a public version.


And yes, we are monitoring all developments and willing to take active part in whatever is coming our way.

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04 August 2023, 10:19

Hi Richard,

In case you haven't heard, the latest minor point version for 22.10 is available 🙂

See the announcement in the news forum.

Kind regards,


04 August 2023, 20:39

Thanks Doris!

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