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Documentation, and new SAML plugin

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11 August 2009, 23:47

Hi everyone,

We've been well aware for quite some time that the documentation for customising and developing Mahara hasn't really been up to scratch. But we've been making a focused effort on that recently, and those of you who browse around the wiki will notice there are many new and updated pages. Here is a list:

It would be great if people could read them, and give us feedback on them or fix them up! Some of the documents aren't quite complete or are a little rough, so it would be good to hear about what should be improved.

Also, if you have any ideas for further documents that should be written, let us know! I think so far we've got a reasonable foundation in place, but probably need to expand a bit both on the core libraries, and on how to write plugins. 
In other news a SAML plugin for Mahara's authentication system is now available. This allows single sign on from other systems supporting this standard. It should currently be considered beta, though so far it has tested well and Catalyst will be using it in production environments shortly, thus ensuring it is improved rapidly.
Happy hacking! 
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