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Not unlocking submitted portfolio after evalution

16 January 2023, 20:54

I'm trying to use Mahara, it's the first time I try to install it and I'm in trouble with something.
Before explaining my problem let me say that I've installed Mahara from it git repository and I use 22.10_STABLE version on a Ubuntu 20.04, php 7.4 and mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.5.9-MariaDB.
The installation was great and I can use Mahara, but when I try to create my first collection and my first page and submited it to a group (created before).
When someone try to unlock it I've got an error in my logs (and in the web browser, but less verbose and disapear in 5 seconds), and it stay blocked on 'Unlocking..'.

I've got the stack trace but i can't post it because I'm a recent account...

See the main message in it :

[WAR] d9 (lib/errors.php:852) Failed to get a recordset: mysqli error: [1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '?  LIMIT 1' at line 1] in EXECUTE("SELECT * FROM "lti_assessment"  WHERE "group" = ?  LIMIT 1")Command was: SELECT * FROM "lti_assessment"  WHERE "group" = ? 

The error is about a simple SQL statement who was not correctly syntaxed, and it's about the table 'lti_assessement', my installation is fresh and I doesn't use some LTI in it.
Thanks for your help

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17 January 2023, 8:50

Hi Tristan,

I'm not able to find the issue from what you have posted - are you able to post more of the error backtrace so I can see what functions were called before the call to the SQL itself. These should be the lines below (called before) the ones that contain 'htdocs/lib/dml.php'



17 January 2023, 9:17

Hi Robert, 

See the trace below : 

PHP message: Call stack (most recent first):
PHP message:   * log_message(string(size 343), integer, true, true) at /var/www/html/mahara/htdocs/lib/errors.php:89
PHP message:   * log_warn(string(size 343)) at /var/www/html/mahara/htdocs/lib/errors.php:852
PHP message:   * SQLException->__construct(string(size 343)) at /var/www/html/mahara/htdocs/lib/dml.php:540
PHP message:   * get_recordset_sql(string(size 50), false, integer, integer) at /var/www/html/mahara/htdocs/lib/dml.php:244
PHP message:   * record_exists_sql(string(size 50), array(size 0)) at /var/www/html/mahara/htdocs/lib/dml.php:208
PHP message:   * record_exists(string(size 14), string(size 5), null) at /var/www/html/mahara/htdocs/lib/group.php:3882
PHP message:   * group_external_group(integer) at /var/www/html/mahara/htdocs/lib/collection.php:1775
PHP message:   * Collection->pendingrelease(object(LiveUser)) at /var/www/html/mahara/htdocs/module/submissions/src/Tools/SubmissionTools.php:495
PHP message:   * Submissions\\Tools\\SubmissionTools::standardReleaseSubmission(object(Submissions\\Models\\Submission), object(LiveUser)) at /var/www/html/mahara/htdocs/module/submissions/src/Controller.php:407
PHP message:   * Submissions\\Controller->handleRequest() at /var/www/html/mahara/htdocs/module/submissions/release.json.php:19
PHP message: ', referer: **********/module/submissions/index.php?group=1

Thanks for your help


27 January 2023, 22:57

Hi Robert,

Were you able to reproduce the issue raised ?
For my part, I reinstalled Mahara locally on Xampp, and I'm facing the same problem (same error).

29 June 2023, 20:44

For those who have the same problem, I resolved my issue : 

It seem's to be a problem who come's with php 7.4 (I don't know why)

Downgrading to php 7.3 resolve the issue, it work well now.


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