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Can't get Moodle Mahara LTI integration & assign submissions working

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18 September 2023, 14:02

I've just pushed a fix to the github repository to display a more helpful error message if an admin enables the admin level setting "Force global credentials" but does not configure the admin level url/secret/key values - hopefully that helps a little bit too!


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19 September 2023, 2:10

Thanks Dan for adding those extra messages.

My config was set correctly when I described the bug.

I tested it again this morning and I still have it.

I set the "Force global credentials" configuration to false to avoid it.


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19 September 2023, 15:07

Thanks Gurvan, 

The exact error messages you get would be really useful - can you please make sure you have the latest version of the code from github, set the "force global credentials" to on, make sure you don't have any trailing spaces in the url, key or secret fields and they all match the same values you're using in the assignment level settings, then try to create a new assignment with the maharaws plugin enabled and provide the full error you're getting so I can look closer?


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19 September 2023, 15:16

in fact - scrap that for now - I think I spot an issue in the launch.php script - I'll push some more fixes to that shortly (hopefully later today if I get the time.)

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22 September 2023, 19:53

I've just pushed that fix into the github repo now - that should fix the issues you were seeing with the launch.php script when using the forced config option.


17 September 2023, 0:34

We are having the same errors, so far Catalyst doesn't seem to have a fix for this.

We have been working on this since August 14. I would say for now it works about 75%, but we still have errors ans problems.


If there are bugs, like you mentioned, thank you for finding them!


BTW: the layout of this forum also makes no sense - at all.

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