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Build togehter a portfolio

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04 August 2009, 9:28

Hi Mahara-Community!

Actually we develop a special eLearning scenario for bachelor students in a large lecture. So in winter term 50 students will use Mahara for different tasks. I'm curious about it Smile

For the design of the eLearning scenario we have an important question: It´s is possible to build a portfolio together in a group? Actually students only can build their own portfolio. Furthermore they can´t share the same folder. It´s only possible to upload a file in your own but not in a common folder?

So... ist there a solution to share und build common resources in Mahara? Maybe we need a plug-in?

Greetings from Germany



For your information: We use Mahara 1.1.4 

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04 August 2009, 13:15

Hallo Marc,

herzliche Grüße aus dem Schwarzwald vom maintainer of the German langpack;-) 

About your questions:

The Group offer nearly all fetures to create  a group portfolio. The only missing thing is a group blog feature.

Feel free to post in the "Deutschsprachiges Mahara" group or send me mail for detailed questions.

Do you know about the german speaking tutorials for the actual and older versions ofMahara.

HTH Heinz


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04 August 2009, 18:14

You can build portfolios using the Groups - create a group, upload files into it and create group views Smile

As Heinz says, blogs are missing currently, and you can't copy your files to a group or use them in a group view yet, but if you know you're going to need to create a portfolio in a group then this isn't too much trouble. 

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05 August 2009, 3:27


Thanks for your fast respond. I had a telefone call with Heinz. We figured out that I have an old Mahara Version: 1.0.4  Sorry for molesting you with such stupid things :-(

I discussed the blog-function with Heinz. Maybe it is intersting for us ... I will check it when we installed the current version of Mahara and finished our didactial design.




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