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Communication Mahara with other programs

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04 August 2009, 5:26


(first, sorry for my bad english jeje)

 I'm working in a communication of Mahara and Moodle. I know that these two programs already have funcionalities for identify the users, for exemple, if you loggin with moodle you can enter to mahara without re-signing.

 Well, i'm programming a basic model of resume in Moodle, and i want import the information that one user have in resume of Mahara to the Moodle, and the opposite, export the information of the user's resume in Moodle to Mahara.


 These two programs have the XMLRPC to communicate, but i don't know very well how it works. I suppose that i have to create a function in Mahara, for exemple import_information (user, array_with_resume_information), that this function call the functions that Mahara use to update the resume's information of a use. 

Later, in Moodle i should call the function import_information that have Mahara??? But how i do that?

 Thanks :)

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04 August 2009, 18:13


Moodle and Mahara communicate over XMLRPC, using a protocol called MNET. In Mahara, that code is in api/xmlrpc/. In Moodle, any plugin can register MNET hooks. You'd have to consult the Moodle documentation about how to do that though.

Some links that might help: (Mahoodle setup PDF)

In order to make MNET functions for calling, you'll have to study the code I'm afraid - I can't remember how we do it exactly Frown. MNET is not very well documented technically. 

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